Use iPad file browser to browser iPad file system


Let us first understand the structure of the iOS file system. And what can we do with the iOS file system.

iOS File system

For ordinary users, there are two forms of iOS file system: jailbroken system and non-jailbroken system

Files system on Jailbreak device

On the jailbroken device, we can access the real root directory “/” of the system. Using a GUI application (such as Filza File Manager) on iPad, the directory structure looks like below:


File system Non-jaibreak device

However, if it is on a non-jailbroken device, we cannot access the root directory “/”. We can only access the media root directory, which contains important user data, such as photos, voice records, purchased books and songs, Apps documents data, etc.

Currently, the vast majority of iPad users are using non-jailbroken systems, so how to read content such as the media root directory becomes very useful.

There are many applications that can read media data on an unjailbroken iPad and copy files to from iPad to mac computer, such us iCopyAssistant for Mac. Which can copy files of the media root directory of iPad to mac computer.

Using Ringtone Maker to set a song as ringtone on iPhone

iCopyAssistant makes it easy to to create ringtones from any songs and add to iPhone quickly and easily.

Extract data of iPad backups

To restore data from backups, iBackup Viewer is one of the best choice. iBackup Viewer works on both Mac and Windows computer.